Quality Time: Great Gifts for Mom and Grandma

The most important thing to understand about giving your grandmother or mother a gift is knowing her interests. Some people love to work in the garden, some like to golf while others love to travel. Some mothers and grandmothers love collectables while others love to play family board games thriving off one on one interaction. Whatever you decide, just be sure that you take the time to find out her interests, you will be giving her a gift she will always remember.

There is no need to spend tons of money. Spend quality time with her instead. It shows love and attention and it is especially easy to do in big cities like Austin, Texas.

Some fun gift suggestions include a free makeover, an outdoor adventure, a new experience, a weekend getaway, teaching her a new skill or craft, a personal photo shoot or video, a trip to certain coffee shop or a local performance. When it comes to mothers and grandmothers the gifts aren’t about the quantity, they are about quality time and creating memories.


Greeting your grandchildren with enthusiasm



It’s important that you give grandchildren a warm welcoming environment and an active and excited greeting. You may have the latest furniture styles or newly painted rooms and it does carry authenticity reflecting who you are as grandparents, both practically and emotionally. A heart felt greeting along with a welcoming home gives your grandchildren a comfortable relaxing environment where they can grow and be themselves.

Tips and household chores to remember

  • clear the front door area
  • decorate the entrance to your home with warm, inviting personal touches and decorations
  • remove any obstacles
  • turn on lights and make sure there are no dark areas
  • make sure the doorbell is easy too see in the dark
  • leave room in the entry area for people to remove clothes, shoes and leave items like keys and bag or purses

How do they do it? advice for long-lasting marriage

Most people aren’t in a hurry to get married anymore and it’s sad.  Marriage is a two-member team that always wins!  I am hoping this posts encourages people to stay together, build a long-lasting relationship and thrive from marriage. 


How did you manage to stay together for so long?  It’s simple, really.  We are from a time where if something is broken, we fix it; Not throw it away.

photo and post idea from happywivesclub.com

A song for kids and grandchildren

Looking for a great song to share with your grandchildren? Try this song by Lee Ann Womack – I Hope You Dance! If your grandchild is a teen simply tell them, “I know this isn’t your type of music, but this song is beautiful and pay attention to the lyrics because the words in this song, is my message to you.”

A dozen kids means a dozen smiles


Hello and welcome to Dozenkids.com!

My blog, Dozen Kids; the place on the internet that I call home. I imagine you’re curious to know a bit more about the person behind the unique-named blog, so I’ll keep it brief.

I’m Elizabeth M. Hangar- a 53 year old mother and grandmother and wife. I am also a real estate agent and a former freelance writer doing my very best to fulfill my love of writing while
being a positive influence with my family and in my community. I have a dozen kids, grandchildren and step-children combined. Let me just say life is never dull. I am so grateful for all I have and as you will see, we have so many funny, happy, sad, scary moments to share. Feel free to share your moments and comment on ours. After all, knowledge makes the world go round.
So, yes, I am a step-mother, grandmother, wife and mother. Let me start by saying that I have 6 children. Two of those are biological kids from my first marriage, 1 is from my husband and I and 3 are my step-children from my husbands side but I raise them just like my own. So all in all I have 6 children and a husband, whom some might still classify as a child and that exactly what I love about him.
My oldest daughter, Liz brought us our first grandson January 2008 and then another grandson was born January 2010. My son, Ethan, blessed us two girl twins born on January 2011 and my son Cassius had one boy February of 2012 and another in April of 2013. Total sum of my kids and grandchildren equals my dozen kids.

You may imagine me as a wrinkly, gray-haired, hardly walking “grandma” but I am a long way for being immobile, walking in a walker and crocheting under a blanket on there front porch. I jog daily and eat healthy, I get excited for the family, I am engaged in all their activities. I would definitely say that I am a more interesting type of grandma. My thrive of helping other grandmothers break the stereotypical mold.